Garden Club of Green Cove Springs FL

Care Valleau, Club PresidentThis Garden Club is special to me. It’s not because I am a charter member. It is because of what we are. When I stand in front of you, I see faces and smiles filled with life’s experiences. You bring so much of this to our club in many ways, and yet never expect anything in return. You put the beauty in our beautification projects with great planning and hard work. Your talents create lovely and interesting crafts and artistic pieces for our fundraisers. You divide and propagate plants for our sales and walk around town in the heat of summer for Sponsors. You bring scrumptious food and lovely sprays of flowers for our tables, and you are engaged and eager to learn new gardening information when we have program speakers. You chair committees. You give generously. You laugh. You should hear the exuberance build in the room as you all start arriving and greeting each other! It’s wonderful to hear the camaraderie.
A club election year is upon us. Step out of your comfort zone and draw on your experiences to help lead our club in a cohesive and enjoyable direction. Help the club to forge ahead with new and original ideas and projects. You are not alone. We work well together. It’s easy to imagine. If you could just stand where I stand, and if you could just see all of your faces; you’d see how very rewarding it is.